Mayan Calendar

based on the Mayan Calendar

by AumRak Sapper

We need to heal our lives from the wounds of the past, especially male and female energies, our love relationships, and respect for each other, by thanking, acknowledging, forgiving and opening our hearts to new ways of relating.


This inspiration was received by AumRak Sapper

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* 10 E10 E

Time: 3:55 am

Manifiesta tus deseos expresándote positivamente. Tus palabras son poderosas. Manifest your wishes by expressing yourself positively. Your words are powerful.

* 11 Aj11 Aj

Time: 4:00 am

Tu realidad y tu vida son solamente una fracción de tu Ser Eterno. Despierta. Your reality and your life are just a fraction of your Eternal Being. Wake up.

* 12 Ix12 Ix

Time: 4:01 am

Contacta tus guías espirituales, tus nahuales y busca el silencio, así los escucharás. Get in touch with your spiritual guides, your nahuales and search for the silence: you will hear them.

* 13 Tz’ikin13 Tz’ikin

Time: 4:02 am

Exprésate en abundancia y prosperidad y así crearas nuevos horizontes. Express yourself declaring abundance and prosperity and you will create new horizons.

* 1 Ajmac1 Ajmac

Time: 4:03 am

Tus bendiciones vendrán cuando logres perdonarte a ti mismo y a los demás. Your blessings will come when you forgive yourself and others.

* 2 Noj2 Noj

Time: 4:10 am

Escucha tu voz interna, no permitas que te engañen. Busca tu sabiduría en meditación. Listen to your inner voice, don’t allow people to fool you. Look for your wisdom through meditation.

* 3 Tijax3 Tijax

Time: 4:12 am

La voz de tu conciencia te apartará de lo que ya no necesitas en tu vida. The voice of your conscience will remove anything you no longer need from your life.

* 4 Kawoq4 Kawoq

Time: 4:13 am

Mira a tu alrededor, con quien vives y compartes. Dales respeto y comprensión.Look around, to the people with whom you live and share. Give them respect and understanding.

* 5 Ajpu5 Ajpu

Time: 4:14 am

Entremos a una nueva conciencia, más allá de lo mundano y obsoleto. Enter a new conscience, beyond the mundane and obsolete.

* 6 Imox6 Imox

Time: 4:16 am

Reconoce la belleza de la naturaleza, cuídala y respétala. Es pura vida.. Acknowledge the beauty of nature, take care of it and respect it. It’s pure life.

* 7 iq’ 7 iq’

Time: 4:17 am

Aprende a escuchar los avisos que envía tu intuición, son tu tu guía y tu inspiración. Learn to listen to the signs your intuition gives you, they are your guide and your inspiration.

* 8 Aq’ab’al8 Aq’ab’al

Time: 4:21 am

Hora de crear una nueva realidad en nuestras vidas. Es posible. Atrévete. It’s time to create a new reality for our lives. It is possible. Dare to do it.

* 9 Kat9 Kat

Time: 4:22 am

Comparte tus intensiones positivas y amorosas. Crea una atmósfera saludable y armoniosa. Share your positive and loving intentions. Create a healthy and harmonious atmosphere.

* 10 Kan10 Kan

Time: 4:35 am

Elige lo que te apasiona. Entrégate a esa inspiración y ¡Sal adelante! Choose what you are passionate about. Give in to that inspiration and keep on!

* 11 Kame11 Kame

Time: 4:36 am

El pesimismo y el miedo te frenan, libérate de lo viejo y colócate en el aquí y ahora. Pessimism and fear stop you, free yourself from the old and put yourself in the here and now.

* 12 Kej12 Kej

Time: 4:37 am

Siempre hay quien te escuche, te apoye y te haga sentir bien. Aprécialos y hónralos. There is always someone who listens to you, supports you and makes you feel good. Appreciate and honor them.

* 13 Q’anil13 Q’anil

Time: 4:37 am

Esas semillas de amor que siembras te darán frutos exquisitos y sombra refrescante. Those seeds of love that you sow will give you exquisite fruits and refreshing shade.

* 1 Toj1 Toj

Time: 4:38 am

Abre tu conciencia para recibir todo lo que te mereces. Es hora del pago. Open your conscience to receive all that you deserve. It’s time for payment.

* 2 Tz’i2 Tz’i

Time: 4:38 am

Observa a las personas que te aman y valóralas, especialmente a las madres. Look at the people who love you and value them, especially mothers.

* 3 B’atz3 B’atz

Time: 4:41 am

Los nahuales te protegen y te apoyan para crear tu nueva realidad. Invócalos. The nahuales protect you and support you to create your new reality. Invocate them.

* 4 E4 E

Time: 4:45 am

Sitúate en este momento, olvida el pasado y no te preocupes del futuro. Vive hoy. Our ancestors created paths, let’s learn from their mistakes and their successes.

* 5 Aj 5 Aj

Time: 4:45 am

El camino derecho lo merecemos. El poder hacerlo radica en nuestro autocontrol. We deserve the right path. Being able to walk through it depends on our self-control.

* 6 Ix 6 Ix

Time: 4:46 am

El líder perfecto es quien no controla, sino dirige. Desecha los viejos patrones. The perfect leader is the one who does not control, but directs. Discard the old patterns.

* 7 Tz’ikin 7 Tz’ikin

Time: 4:50 am

Deja de quejarte, mira lo que te rodea, es tu propia creación: disfrútalo o transfórmate. Stop complaining, look at what surrounds you, it is your own creation: enjoy it or transform yourself.interest.

* 8 Ajmac8 Ajmac

Time: 4:54 am

Siente la libertad de vivir en paz cuando ya no debes ni te deben. Perdona y se agradecido.Feel the freedom to live in peace, when you no longer owe or are owed. Forgive and be thankful.

* 9 N’oj9 N’oj

Time: 5:05 am

¿De dónde vienen tus reacciones? ¿Del hígado o del corazón? Where do your reactions come from? Your liver or your heart?

* 10 Tijax10 Tijax

Time: 5:11 am

Crea el amor que te rodea. Si tratas mal a alguien, estás dándoles el derecho de tratarte igual. Create the love that surrounds you. If you treat someone badly, you are giving them the right to treat you the same way.

* 11 Kawoq11 Kawoq

Time: 5:12 am

Escoge a tus relaciones. Di adiós a los chismes, mentiras, desamores, criticas. Di hola a tu nueva vida. Choose your relationships. Say goodbye to the gossip, lies, failures and criticism. Say hello to your new life.

* 12 Ajpu12 Ajpu

Time: 5:12 am

La verdad se manifiesta en la claridad de tu mente. ¿Cómo la alimentas? ¿Con Integridad? The truth manifests itself in the clarity of your mind. How do you feed it? With Integrity?

* 13 Imox13 Imox

Time: 5:13 am

Fin de ciclo, fin de mes. ¿Qué aprendiste? ¿Qué creaste? ¿Estás contento? End of cycle, end of month. What did you learn? What did you create? Are you happy?

* 1 Iq’ 1 Iq’

Time: 5:13 am

Date un respiro. Profundo. Cierra los ojos y permite que el oxigeno alimente tu mente. Take a breath deep. Close your eyes and let the oxigen feed your mind.

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5 Comments on “Mayan Calendar”

  • JOY wrote on 8 September, 2012, 8:28

    no Mayan calendar on the site still :(

  • JOY wrote on 9 December, 2012, 20:59

    It’s comforting to see the Mayan Calendar continue after  12/21/12 ;)

  • JOY wrote on 13 October, 2014, 11:01

    they sound like fortune cookies instead of readings now, :( what happened?

  • MANUEL wrote on 9 December, 2014, 11:50

    Hey man
    When you say nahuales, you are talking about FOLKLORIC POINT O VIEW

  • Star Light wrote on 23 December, 2014, 8:53

    Thank you, Aum Rak. This calendar is wonderful and rare. Any form of daily astrology service is difficult.  It is a service of humble dedication and it takes a very long time to put together and do correctly for the public even when it seems simple. Many people prefer the shorter readings. I was pk3asantly supris3d to see this time continue as well. The prophecy being that time will end as we know it. I am very glad to see that was the end of an era and that still this perfect tzolkin cycle continues with its sweet lessons. 

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