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World – Class, Affordable Healthcare 

As surely everyone knows by now, the cost of healthcare is increasing around the world. In countries without a national healthcare system, the price of even minor, routine medical and dental procedures can be exorbitant, and in countries that do have national systems, specific procedures may not covered or are available only with excessive surcharges, or in some cases, may not even be available at all. There is a solution: Guatemala. 

Medical tourism can be defined as “traveling abroad for medical care.” Guatemala is an intelligent choice for those seeking high-quality, affordable healthcare. With high costs in the majority of developed countries, many people are seeking alternatives for general healthcare, dental and eye care, necessary and elective surgeries, and prescriptions.

There are other benefits apart from the financial savings. In Guatemala, you won’t need a referral to see a specialist. There are no long waiting lists to see a doctor or to schedule an important procedure. You’ll also spend much less time waiting in the reception area. Many exams, tests and procedures which, in other countries, have been assigned to nurses and technicians are performed here in Guatemala by the doctors themselves. This means that you’ll spend more time with your physician, and your physician will get to know you and your needs on a deeper level and will be able to provide a more personalized level of care.

The Guatemalan medical and dental community offers modern clinics and hospitals that are fully equipped with the latest in advanced technology. Many doctors have studied not only at highly rated national universities but also at some of the best teaching hospitals and universities in Europe and North America. These doctors, dentists, and ophthalmologists – who actually take the time to get to know their patients –

hold international accreditations and certifications. Many speak English fluently and are fluent or proficient in other languages, as well.

No matter what your healthcare concerns, Guatemala’s medical community can offer many superb and affordable options. As people from around the world are seeking alternatives for their healthcare, medical tourism is on the rise in Guatemala in multiple fields of medicine. Some of the specialties to which medical tourists avail themselves include dentistry, ophthalmology, fertility therapies, aesthetic medicine, and surgery, as well as general healthcare, regular checkups, and prescriptions.

Be assured that in Guatemala you’ll find many options for excellent and affordable healthcare. On the following pages, which have been designed to be cut out and saved, Qué Pasa introduces you to some of Guatemala City and La Antigua’s top medical practitioners.

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