How Many People Can You Fit Inside a Chicken Bus?

Ask any Guatemalan this while they are crammed inside a chicken bus, with their bags pressed up against their chest and someone else’s limbs tangled around them, and they will smile and answer, “Una más.” While it does seem that there is no limit to the amount of people that are squeezed inside our local buses, mathematics and logic says there must be. Exactly what this number is remains a mystery, but two travelers from Australia are determined to find out once and for all.

Marty and Ginski, pictured below, have begun filming an Internet TV show that will follow them through Central and South America, with the first of these shows being filmed in La Antigua. Part of their show will involve filming a world-record attempt of fitting as many people as possible inside a chicken bus – and they need your help! For the record to be achieved, they will need 210 participants to beat the previous record of 209 people, set in Poland in 2009.

Be sure to join the fun and get involved!

“We want as many people as possible to get involved,” said Marty, who is thoroughly enjoying his time in La Antigua. “Guatemalan people have a great sense of humor and they are always up for having fun. We hope that this record attempt will be something the people of La Antigua embrace and have fun with.”

The event will take place at 2 PM on Saturday the 11th of February, location to be announced.
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