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Revista febrero 2013It’s that time of year when the purple-clad people appear in the streets again. Yes, that’s right; while Semana Santa isn’t until the end of March, the processions are starting this month. So, it’s time to take out your camera and snap some great shots of alfombras, cucuruchos, andas, and velaciones. We’ve got the schedule in our calendar, which starts on page 42 – look for the cross symbol. It should be fairly accurate, but as always, the times of these events are approximations. Besides being mindful of your belongings, here is my best tip for the season: pick up the free maps of the procession routes from the kiosks that are set up around town for Lent and Semana Santa; you can use them either to find the processions or to avoid them, depending on your amount of enthusiasm for the occasion.

With Charlie’s immediate popularity (we’ve never received so many emails!), we’ve decided to keep him around, despite his being a bit of a gossipmonger and his sometimes cantankerous moods. If you’d like to find out what has been happening recently, follow Charlie’s favorite saying, “Fijate Vos…”, and turn to page 18.

On another note, five years ago on about this very date that I’m writing this letter, I started working at Qué Pasa. I’d like to thank La Antigua for being so welcoming; our readers for ignoring my typos; our clients for making my job possible; all the staff, present and past, for their support; and Scott for having given me the opportunity in the first place – it’s been a wild ride!




On the cover, a photograph by Guillermo García-Durán: Belén de Antaño
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