The Murals of Artist Guillermo García-Durán

Living in a city where time seems to stand still and life is filled with nostalgia, Guillermo García-Durán found himself imagining the history that the streets of Antigua have lived and all the secrets that the old walls hold. This and his desire to do things a bit differently and to question the instinct to be satisfied with what one becomes accustomed to were the inspiration for his unique work. His motive is simple: to encourage people to question what they are familiar with and to force them see things from a different perspective – to bother them a bit. As Guillermo says, “Observing and analyzing reactions – I love that. It makes me feel mystery, desire, intrigue, and even fear. This is why I keep doing it. To see the face of wonder and amazement that a neighbor gets after seeing the illustration I did on the ruins of Capuchinas, or on the wall of the house in front of the Iglesia La Merced, is very interesting and, at the same time, rewarding. Because it almost always ends with a smile.”

Of course it would be an offense, a cultural and social attack, to actually paint murals on the beloved walls and monuments of Antigua. So, Guillermo has employed technology to make his vision a reality. Using his camera, a tablet, a computer, and most importantly a pen in his hand, he uses Antigua’s walls as his canvas.

Guillermo has found that not all the walls have stories to tell, not all of them deserve to wear the dreams of someone else, so he chooses his canvases carefully. “Whenever I go out, I go with care and attention, because at any moment some wall may whisper to me and send me back home to draw on it for you, and then to bother you, to wake you up.”

This month, the work of Guillermo García-Duán is featured on Qué Pasa’s cover.
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  • José Pablo Arguello wrote on 12 September, 2012, 16:04

    Me gustaría contactar a Guillermo García-Durán, para que tome unas fotografías, podrían darme su correo, tel ó datos para contactarlo o darle mis datos a él, gracias. Mi teléfono es el 5800-2696. JPA

  • José Pablo Arguello wrote on 12 September, 2012, 16:09

    necesito contactar a Guillermo García-durán para unas fotografías, favor enviarme su correo o tel para contactarlo ó darle mi número 58002696, esperaré los datos o el contacto, saludos, JPA

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